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FLAMBIENT Photography

We frown upon HDR real estate photography.

Like every real estate photography business we started taking photographs using the HDR workflow. Not only the images are decent, but it also takes a lot less time to process with today's automated tools. However, as time passed by, we realized that all images looked alike, they all carried the same colors and what is worse many times the colors were not accurate.

This is when we learned and adopted the Flambient method for all of our real estate photography. Sure it takes longer to take and process images, but they guarantee a higher quality and accurate colors of your property. We deliver Photos withing 24 hours and Video withing 48 hours.

"We consider real estate photography an art with it's main goal of delivering your customers a positive emotional response to your listings."


Very popular, however, bad color accuracy and not editorial quality.


Editorial quality, beautiful and color accurate.
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